Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl

We hope you’re hungry. This week, phimosis we’ve got two movies that celebrate the fine art of dining on raw fish.

Before that, women’s health though, health system we do need to get a little serious. Each year 13 million kids are bullied at school, and in 2011 the envelope-pushing movie “Bully” set out to shed some light on this despicable phenomenon. We look at the movie, the controversy surrounding it and the newly packaged Blu-ray release with a host of special features.

Next up, when a diamond heist goes bad, one unlucky criminal takes the fall. Six years later, the whole gang is back together to figure out what happened to the diamonds. The centerpiece for their dinner party? A beautiful woman draped only in sushi. She’s “Sushi Girl,” and this is an intense new indie film with a killer cast and a great sense of character. We’ve got two of those characters on our show as well! We welcome James Duval and Andy Mackenzie to dish on how “Sushi Girl” came together and on how it was to work with a childhood hero, Mark Hamill.

We’re still hungry for more, though, and we’ll tell you all about “Dead Sushi,” a weird, hilarious, gory Japanese film about sushi that bites back.

Finally, we’ll take a look at “Jack & Diane,” a psycho-sexual drama about two young women in an intense but strained relationship. Riley Keough and Juno Temple star as the title characters – oh, and did we mention there’s a hideous monster created by Diane’s psyche? Yeah, there’s that too.

All that plus the week’s Honorable Mentions and much, much more!


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